Handyman Services
For Every Need

"Big or Small we do it all". Contact me for a competitive quote on any home repairs or improvements you might need. I have an essential services license and adhere to strict cleanliness policies and wear personal protection equipment when required to get the job done and keep everyone safe.

General Repairs

Sometimes the most general repairs are the most crucial and critical to take care of before your asset loses value. We have you covered. Fix before you sell.

Tile & Stone

We can repair and lay all manner of Tile and Stone work.

Doors & Windows

Whether you need repairs done or new doors or windows of any type purchased and installed I can assist.

Mold & Water Damage

Remove the Mold and water damage and repair the cause of the problem so it doesn’t happen again.

Wall & Floor

Be it new walls & floors or repairing existing, we have experience in all of this. Wall repair is a broad topic and we would need to analyse the problem further in order to recommend a solution.

Home Maintenance

We offer retainer and home maintenance contracts. We also do general home maintenance for our clients to keep their home running smoothly.


Sometimes changing the surface of a room or entire area not only adds structural value but just gives the area a fresh look.

Waterproofing & Sealing

Water problems is the last anyone needs during a cold winter. Call me to to take care of the problem.


From basic plumbing problems to full installations. I will help.


The humble process of cleaning plays a big role in prepping an area before any repairs / improvements can take place. 

Home Improvement

Want to improve your home or living space. I will help to make your vision a reality.

Room Remodels

Simple process, but brings new value to an old room and small changes such as improving light can change the mood of a room and its value to the family.

Furniture & Appliance

I will assist installing all kind of furniture. For all appliance needs I work closely together with React Appliance Repairs for your satisfaction.


Very much like resurfacing, changing the floor can give a room a second life. Choose from all manner of quality products that are durable and can last a lifetime.


Electrical work is critical to safe home living. I make sure to do all work following compliance standards that keep you and your family safe.


“Simple amazing customer service, friendly staff / owner that goes the extra mile. I would use them again.”

Rory Sales

“Problems were fixed while I was at work, trustworthy team, got home and issue was gone.”

Peter Smith

“Easy process to make a home repair problem that was beyond me go away, Frank explained the problem well.”

David White

Available 24/7!