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"Big or Small we do it all". Contact me for a competitive quote on any home repairs or improvements you might need. I have an essential services license and adhere to strict cleanliness policies and wear personal protection equipment when required to get the job done and keep everyone safe.

Your One-Stop Handyman

Our experience on medium and large building sites has given us such a advantage. We are able to chose the best long term choices that cost you less but fix problems for good.

Damage Repairs

Damaged be it due to fire or otherwise is something we can sort out for you. Call us now.


From building a house from scratch to extending rooms or boundary walls, we do it all.


Need to extend your home, renovation is our game. Improvements add value to your property, ask us.


A fresh coat of paint can make a house look like new, we also pride ourselves in fixing waterproofing issues.


Electricity is a big part of ones home. Lets help you make it easier to use and keep you safe.


Working with wood is a pleasure, but requires accuracy. Send our team in to carve any job out.

Get A Free Consultation & Estimate

We can be at your door in no time, ready to provide & discuss working solutions. We follow strict health practices and have a essential service license for repair work.

Featured Projects

Our project portfolio ranges from quick 5 minute repairs, to full house builds. Be it electrical, plumbing, construction, carpentry or simple repairs we enjoy all the challenges the building industry has to offer.

From cupboards, wine racks, benches and simple garage shelving. Working with wood is a pleasure (measure thrice cut once) but one needs to plan ahead to make sure the job is done properly. We believe in planning jobs properly using CAD software to make the mistakes on computer were it doesn’t cost us or the client.

Painting can consume much time but do it right and your house not only looks like new but protects you against water damage and other water proofing issues that might occur. We take the time repair before we cover with paint. This process is labour intensive and needs to be done in stages but the end product is a paint job that lasts and saves you money.

Plumbing, so simple when it works but as soon as water escapes the system, its creates a mess and can cost your pocket. We believe in using quality registered parts that are approved by SABS or better. Find out clients the best fittings at the best prices so they can have peace of mind.

Our work has included simple plumbing repairs, bathroom improvements, bathroom redesigns, and new house water installations.

 Sometimes all that is required to make something look like new is to restore it to its former glory. This process takes time and is labor intensive but the reward is in the beauty of the end product and the happiness its brings our clients.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer onsite quoting?

When a job is easy enough to spec and quantify I am able to do on site estimate. Mostly though I will gather all information on site and work out the cost at the office to give a more accurate estimate for the job.

Can you reduce your team size for a job?

With pleasure, should you need a smaller team for any reason (privacy, noise reduction, whatever the reason). We are hear to assist however you need.

Are you willing to do work for clients with special requests?

Yes, I have had all manner of special requests from clients. We are here to help you get the work done according to your requirements.

What if we want you to work with certain brands / products?

We certainly prefer working with quality products but if the client wants us to work with other brands or provide the products for the job we are willing to use them. Please keep in mind we cannot guarentee the quality of product if the client supplies a product we do not recommend.

Do you work on weekends or public holidays?

Depending on the job or the clients requirements we can make ourselves available?

Is your work compliant?

Yes, we follow strict compliance protocols, if work is found to be lacking in this regard we repair it to be compliant so that customers have peace of mind.

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“Simple amazing customer service, friendly staff / owner that goes the extra mile. I would use them again.”

Rory Sales

“Problems were fixed while I was at work, trustworthy team, got home and issue was gone.”

Peter Smith

“Easy process to make a home repair problem that was beyond me go away, Frank explained the problem well.”

David White

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Satisfaction Guarantee

Our German heritage has taught us that preventative maintenance and quality make our clients smile.

A One-Stop Shop

"We do it all", due to our experience on large products we have had to get involved in all project departments. Small things matter.

Free Consultation

I provide free consultation and competitive quotes. Working together we will be able to remove stubborn issues.

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