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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer onsite quoting?

When a job is easy enough to spec and quantify I am able to do on site estimate. Mostly though I will gather all information on site and work out the cost at the office to give a more accurate estimate for the job.

Can you reduce your team size for a job?

With pleasure, should you need a smaller team for any reason (privacy, noise reduction, whatever the reason). We are hear to assist however you need.

Are you willing to do work for clients with special requests?

Yes, I have had all manner of special requests from clients. We are here to help you get the work done according to your requirements.

What if we want you to work with certain brands / products?

We certainly prefer working with quality products but if the client wants us to work with other brands or provide the products for the job we are willing to use them. Please keep in mind we cannot guarentee the quality of product if the client supplies a product we do not recommend.

Do you work on weekends or public holidays?

Depending on the job or the clients requirements we can make ourselves available?

Is your work compliant?

Yes, we follow strict compliance protocols, if work is found to be lacking in this regard we repair it to be compliant so that customers have peace of mind.

Available 24/7!